2018 BC Health Care Awards Recipients Revealed

Presented by the Health Employers Association of British Columbia British s who are providing outstanding care and support. Awards are given in 11 categories to projects improving delivery through innovative and collaborative approaches and to people making a positive impact and inspiring those around them.JAMB Subject combination

“BC’s medical professionals – including support staff – genuinely care about delivering quality care to British  e and celebrate the individual and team contributions made by these individuals.”

New this year – Dianna  -Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care

Named in honour of Dianna Jones, this award is for a team or project that makes use of leading practices to improve care for patients, residents or clients by focusing on the needs of the person rather than the needs of the system or service. Dianna  -Jones, an occupational therapist at  Strong Rehabilitation Centre, was tragically killed, along with her husband Richard Jones, just three months after being named Provincial   Hero at the 2017 awards. Our hope is that this ward will help to keep her memory and legacy alive   others who strive to deliver care that is respectful of the needs, values and preferences of individuals.

2018 Gold Apple winners

Provincial Hero &  Hero – Provincial Health Services Authority

Glenn   – District Supervisor, Emergency Coordinator,

Glenn Jay   is a Paramedic and District Supervisor at BC Ambulance Service,  for providing exceptional emergency response and for his clinical leadership abilities. He’s received several professional accolades for his heroic actions, and his outstanding commitment to patients, colleagues and the broader community.

Provincial Hero &  Hero – Island Health

g – Physician Lead, Primary Care Substance Use, Island Health

By passionately and effectively advocating for improved services for patients dealing with substance use and addiction, Dr.   has inspired his colleagues to work together to develop new programs and create an efficient, client-centred system of addiction services.

Hero – Affiliate

Dr. David  – Emergency Physician, St. Paul’s Hospital

Hero – Fraser Health

– Pharmacy Manager, Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services

Hero – Interior Health

Lynda  – Registered Speech-Language Pathologist, Coordinator   Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic

Hero – Northern Health

Debbie – Health Services Administrator,

Hero – Provincial Health Services Authority

Dr. Faisal – Associate Professor, Radiology, Vancouver General Hospital

Dianna  -Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care

International Seating Symposium – Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, Provincial Health Services Authority

The International Seating Symposium has created an international forum that fosters an exchange of ideas and a network of consumers, rehabilitation therapists, physicians, designers, and manufacturers of positioning and mobility equipment. This has inspired improvements in rehabilitation equipment and technology that have improved mobility, comfort and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Dianna  Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care

Residential Care for Me:  – Seniors Care and Palliative Services, Providence

The goal of Residential Care for Me:   is to change the residential care culture from an institutional to a social model of care, and improve quality of life for residents by rapidly testing and implementing changes that focus on emotional connections, allow residents to direct each moment, and create the feeling of home.

Top Innovation

SNIFF: C.   Canine Scent Detection Program – Vancouver Coastal Health

An innovative and dedicated team of people and a growing roster of pups known as the C.   Scent Detection Program is pioneering a cost-effective method to improve and enhance C.  surveillance and improve infection control and prevention practices.

Workplace Health Innovation

Emergency Department Healthy Workplace Initiative – Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver General Hospital’s emergency department formed a multi-disciplinary team with the goal of working together to improve workplace health and safety, leading to an improved working climate where staff report feeling engaged and better able to provide the type of quality care that emergency patients deserve.

Collaborative Solutions

Improving Indigenous Cancer Journeys: A Road Map – BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, BC Cancer (Provincial Health Services Authority), First Nations Health Authority, Nation BC

The Indigenous Cancer Strategy is a collaborative strategy that will improve indigenous cancer outcomes by addressing all steps of the cancer journey, from prevention and treatment, through to   and end-of-life care.

This year’s Awards of Merit recipients are:

Dianna -Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care

• Resources and Needs Review –  Regional General Hospital, Island Health

Top Innovation

• Symphony – Workforce Management Solutions, Provincial Health Services Authority

• Fall-  A Volunteer-Based Falls Prevention Strategy in Residential Care – Holy Family Hospital Residential Care, Providence

Workplace Health Innovation

• Reducing Workplace Injuries through Leading Practices –  Place

Collaborative Solutions

• Regional Strategy for Reducing Ambulance Turnaround Times – BC Emergency Health Services, Provincial Health Services Authority, Fraser Health

• Vancouver Shared Care Team – Doctors of BC, Providence, Vancouver Coastal Health

Since the awards launched in 2007, more than 200 Gold Apples and Awards of Merit have been awarded to health employees who are improving BC’s healthcare system and patient care.

The 2018 Awards are generously supported by Great-West Life, Healthcare Benefit Trust, and Pacific Blue Cross.


Small Business Owners Pay Too Much For Health Insurance

There’s a               huge misconception out there that if you own a business, you get a better deal on health insurance. The fact is, many “group” health insurance plans come with higher price tags than individual health policies.

For the small business owner with 5-7 employees or less, offering to reimburse employees for their individual health insurance policies through an  (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) can prove a significant cost savings to the business, while giving more freedom of health insurance plan choice to their employees.

In addition, the employees ‘own’ their individual plans, which means there’s no need for COBRA coverage if they leave their current employer. Since businesses smaller than 20 employees do not offer COBRA coverage anyway, individual plans become even more attractive.

The biggest advantage of individual health plans over small group plans is price. Individual health plans typically offer lower premiums than similar group plans. The reason is risk. Individual health insurance in Washington State requires a health risk questionnaire be completed as part of the application process. The purpose of the health questionnaire is to ‘weed out’ the higher risk applicants with significant health risks.

Most people pass the questionnaire with ease. When they do, they fall into the same group as everyone else who also passed the same questionnaire, which represents a lower ‘risk’ to the insurance company, thus lowering rates. (Those who do not pass the health questionnaire are provided the opportunity to sign up on the Washington State Health Insurance Pool, a high-risk pool with significantly higher premiums) If a business has an employee who does not pass the health questionnaire, then it can still prove less expensive to cover the high risk pool premium for that individual employee versus paying higher group rates for all employees.

Group plans in Washington do not have a health questionnaire, so the insurance company has no way of ‘weeding out’ the unhealthy employees. The rates have a ‘built in’ risk factor, whether warranted or not, because the insurer has no way of separating the high risk groups from the low risk. Groups of 2-50 employees are ‘community rated’ meaning they are in the same risk pool whether their employees have low or high. Therefore, the small business with healthy employees ends up paying a higher rate because of other businesses who may have employees with expensive high risk chronic health problems.

Offering individual health plans to employees comes with more advantages than just lower price. They also come with less administration. Unlike ‘group” plans, there are no ‘renewals’ each year to go through, no minimum participation requirements imposed by insurance carriers, and no minimum employer contribution requirements, either. Employers still have the ability to define eligibility, probation periods, and can design their health benefit package with more options and flexibility.

The Washington Health Insurance Agency has been providing creative solutions like this to small business owners for years. Give us a call at 360-464-1622 to find out if you’re paying too much for your health insurance coverage or fill out our business quote form for a free cost



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Joker Wild Computer Card Game Review

One of the Most Exciting Poker Games: Joker Wild Computer Card Game

If you’re looking for a game which is intellectually challenging, enjoyable, and allows you to earn an occasional buck, look no further than poker. This extremely popular card game has a nearly unlimited variety and methods of play with varying difficulties and tactics for winning. While some of these games are deceptively simple, the lure is only skin-deep, as the challenge of a poker game lies in pitting one’s wit against various opponents and against probability itself.

An additional challenge to poker players presents itself in the form of bets which increase the pressure and tension of an average game. All of these factors combined make for an enjoyable, tense, often serious, never easy, at times frustrating, but never boring game. With this in mind, more and more people become acquainted with the game via television, through friends, or via a casino. What’s more, with the recent hype for online gaming, poker now has gone virtual, with more and more online games being made to cater to the different varieties of poker out there.

With the dawn of online poker comes the advantage of being able to play poker with anyone anywhere in the world at any time you find most convenient. Plus, you don’t have to practice your poker face as the advantage of online anonymity is on your side. A large number of video poker games have been adopted for online use, such as the Joker Wild computer online game.

Playing Joker Wild Computer Card Game

Free-to-play and requiring absolutely no installation or purchase, the Joker Wild computer online game is a twist on the wild card poker feature, in which a deck of 53 cards plus the Joker card is used for the game. The Joker is the wild card which you can use to replace any card within the deck to give you the best possible hand. With this feature, the possibility of joker getting Five-of-a-Kind is there, although you might get this very rarely. Still, with a wild card in your hand, straights and flushes and every other possible hand combination imaginable is within the range of probability.

The wonderful twist of Joker Wild computer online game is the sheer probability and unpredictability of combination’s, chances, and tactics. While a very analytical and even psychological game, Joker Wild computer card game manages to keep it light and fun, perfect for a casual online game whenever you’ve got spare time.

Feeling lucky? Learn more strategies on how to play Joker Wild Computer Card Game [], and start reaping huge prizes! This online computer card game [] will surely make your online casino experience fun-filled and exciting!

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Facing the Metal Dopant, Joker sorts out some way to use his Rider Punch Maximum Drive to pound him before appearing at NEVER’s control place with Philip trapped to the X-Bicker as an enhancer. Persistent overwhelms Joker and takes the last T2 Joker Gaia Memory as he uses T2 Zone Memory to call all T2 Gaia Memory into the X-Bicker to sanction the device which will pass on a surge of energy that will change everyone into Necro-Overs.

By then, Reika appears, requesting help as the body is falling to pieces with Daido pushed her aside, revealing that when a Necro-Over is hit by a Maximum Drive they will deteriorate away into dust, as Domoto splits down away outside with Reika following recognizing how heartless Daido is.

Declining to permit Daido to have his course and with Shotaro covering him, Philip deactivates the X-Bicker coercively and handicap T2 Eternal Memory’s Eternal Requiem. Notwithstanding the way that Shotaro can’t hold him down for long, Daido is impaired when Maria mixes him with a foe of Necro-Over plan.

Angered, Daido shot her in the stomach as Philip devastates the X-Bicker while Ryu becomes Accel to pulverize the Trigger Dopant in Trial structure.



Multiplayer Slots – Win An Extra Bonus!

Multiplayer Slots – Win An Extra Bonus!

Slots are exciting and fun, but even more fun if you play with your friends, or make new ones online.

Multiplayer slots allow you to do this and Community slots allow you to earn other สล็อตฟรี players in the slot room a bonus (as well as winning yourself) and they can do the same for you.

Multi-Player Standard Slots

Multi-Player Standard Slots is a global Slot Bank game where Players play with others online.

* The slot rooms consist of a fixed number of slots.

* A Player is only able to sit at one slot machine per room.

* All slot machines are visible to all the Players.

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* When a Player clicks the STAND UP button, they are immediately removed from the room. The SEAT AVAILABLE banner is replaced on the slot.

Multi-Player Community Slots

Community Slots are slots game that has regular and community payouts.

Community payouts are payouts for community winning symbol combinations.

If a Player has a community winning symbol combination on the pay line then all Players in the Slot Bank that have placed a bet on the winning spin are paid the community payout. This is regardless if they have won or not.

* The slot room is fixed in size.

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Oakley Eyewear � Beautifully Created A person’s View

Oakley Eyewear � Beautifully Created A person’s View

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Anybody hopes to often be classy as a consequence of speedy switching way of life. People today prefer to enable by using cool and trendy creator attire plus extras which provide these folks eye-catching appearance. Naturally, anybody wants that they are the middle of attractive force. A creator eyewear currently have their track record. A striking facial area continually extracts particular attention plus a strong likewise attractive sunglass to the facial area elevates a person’s identity. The utilization of eyewear is definitely extra popular around today�s case. Together with the boosting detrimental outcome

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Anybody hopes to often be classy as a consequence of speedy switching way of life. People today prefer to enable by using cool and trendy creator attire plus extras which provide these folks eye-catching appearance. Naturally, anybody wants that they are the middle of attractive force. A creator eyewear currently have their track record. A striking facial area continually extracts particular attention plus a strong likewise attractive sunglass to the facial area elevates a person’s identity. The utilization of eyewear is definitely extra popular around today�s case. Together with the boosting detrimental benefits with Particularly Violet uv rays against your view, there are develop into imperative so that you can dress yourself in your sunglass while you project outdoor.

Almost all these previously issues chip in considerably to your surfacing business enterprise with eyewear. Sells are easily filled by using styles of sunrays eyeglasses so that you can dive into the following escalating phase with prospects. Eyewear are purchased to get every last age brackets plus are available choice of colorations, contour plus style and design. Even if you will be your man or woman, a home based business qualified and also sportsman, a passionate children or perhaps rest-seeking parent, you will see a reason so that you can sport activity your sunglass.

Concerning all these seaside with eyewear,
Oakley sunglasses
have got a training of their total private. They may have long track record. The content were only available in 1975 has be a design report. Oakleys find its manner within preferred Movie flicks. Lots of super stars like flick actors plus sportspersons will be its common prospects. Hence your concern takes place the key reason why Oakleys eyewear are not the same out of some.

All these eyewear currently have Plutonite plus Iridium standard zoom lens films, a do-it-yourself custom-made drinking glasses as well as mind-boggling Thump RECORDING eyewear. The following lense fabric might filter 100% however UVA, UVB plus UVC. A Oakley Plutonite standard zoom lens as well obstructions 100% however detrimental pink illuminate so that you can six hundred nanometers. Luckily they are intended to take up all of big affects out of either great quickness plus great huge stuff. Waters safeguards is definitely a further famous reward. A distinctive stratum with Oakleys can stop moisture content plus fat staying on a lense. To make sure they will be just the thing for sporting events.

Nonetheless Oakley eyewear are certainly overpriced plus outside take prevalent people today. Nonetheless this challenge is likewise vanished by using demon-clothing. com that provides creator Oakleys during incredibly low-priced selling prices. You may love substantial deals made available from them. Other than Oakley eyewear, a webpages is definitely stuffed with alternative attractive named attire plus extras so that you can involve you actually inside of a browsing spree. Hence pay for a person’s classy eyewear out of demon-clothing. com.


Motor bike Direct sun light Glasses or contact lenses Aid you Be conscious of the Streets More effective

Motor bike Direct sun light Glasses or contact lenses Aid you Be conscious of the Streets More effective

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Motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses, day fishing eyeglasses � for every name him or her, they need similar real estate. Those eyeglasses own polarized listings and tend to be shatterproof earning him or her wonderful mainly because motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses. At the time you travel around for your motor bike, you can find the option the fact that certain minor joint of junk could fly on an airline away together with come to everyone. With the fashionable direct sun light glasses or contact lenses, you become 2 bottle any proper protection.

Lots of individuals provide the proven fact that motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses happen to be significant glasses or contact lenses, simillar to a good headwear. They’re just quite brightness, utilizing a few of them including Arnette eyeglasses appearing composed of nylon eyeglasses. Any put in offer for having the capability to add more an individual’s recommended into the listings is the reason why everyone don�t own in store some sort of optician to build exceptional recommended eyeglasses.

Utilizing the benefit of having the capability to structure an individual’s motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses over the internet, you could investigate on line brochure to your most loved fashionable. Check out Nike, Costa delete Scar, Hobie and plenty of other kind for eyeglasses to choose the layout together with colors you’d like to have. Consequently most of you should do is certainly add more an individual’s recommended as being an email address connection and that you will get hold of recommended eyeglasses happy to dress in.

The firms the fact that creation any motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses require terrific consideration during this process to guarantee any listings happen to be mainly hand crafted and provides actual idea. Any listings happen to be polarized during those eyeglasses which means that you do not get hold of all glare within the look within the direct sun light anytime it all affects the trail. Any listings are fashioned specifically an individual’s recommended and will also be ın a position to look at equally efficiently utilizing recommended eyeglasses since you can easily in your usual reading glasses.

Any listings meant for motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses read through tough diagnostic tests to guarantee they’ll face up to any demands within the a blowing wind together with extraordinary environment. Being dressed in usual or simply recommended eyeglasses is simply as necessary through cold months simply because it is certainly through warmer summer months. Any look within the direct sun light and also perfect may damage an individual’s vision as much mainly because Ultra violet rays will. You could travel around however you like when using the eyeglasses you will want and show amazing.

If you’d rather motorbikes, you will want motor bike direct sun light glasses or contact lenses.


Makeup products Brushes

Makeup products Brushes

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Your content �Makeup Brushes� offers a review pertaining to makeup products brushes, which will you must turn you into attractive. Just after here posting, it is also possible to learn the demand with makeup products brushes. You’ll also qualified to establish a person’s require for a makeup products brushes, the species of makeup products brushes plus consuming nurture a makeup products brushes.

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You require gear to operate project, whether it’s dwelling, business and also almost every other site. If visiting destinations, you decide to do quite a few compose, nonetheless how you would try this and also you actually doing all of your private and also visiting shop. Enhancements you’re going to shop, precious time for you to do them your special, sometimes once in a while. Such problem you require specified gear in order to apply a person’s makeup products labeled Makeup products Brushes. Certainly, Makeup products Brushes!!

You can get a person’s Makeup products Brushes through the in the area beauty products save. All these brushes generate a person’s project a lot easier plus supply innovative glance. In advance of shopping for Makeup products Brushes participate in a homework for the best thing plus for you to have, primarily a save when you will definitely get good. Generate brushes will be out there within wide range, plus prices. You can get numerous all these in order to apply Makeup products around some other part of you actually shape ourite. f. lip area, eye brows, finger nails, etcetera.

Precisely what are greatest things about Makeup products Brushes?

People today reckon that, people don�t want Makeup products Brushes right until plus except in cases where hands and fingers never prevent executing the project and the very hence slowly. Little doubt you care about a person’s handy nonetheless utilize them to maintain elements. If you ever can offer a little bit particular attention, in that case you will see for you to just about utilize them to maintain such thinggs as retaining pour and also forks to have food items, retaining coop to undertake crafting, retaining toothbrush so that you can sweep right up pearly whites, etcetera, in that case why don’tyou you possess your Makeup products Sweep, when executing makeup products. These are typically with superb assist to you actually.
Working with Makeup products Sweep includes many perks:
* The brushes will be better to regulate as compared with a person’s handy challenging to make final result is noticeably a reduced amount of dirty.
* Brushes will assist you to putting on dry on a single cheek and after that other which includes a identical outcome.
* Brushes generate very last outcome all-natural plus excellent. That person is going to ambiance extra plus each one colouring will need to can come mixed thoroughly on the upcoming.
* Your hands and fingers might ruin a person’s beauty products, your brushes never.

Method of Brushes:

There are a selection with makeup products brushes to be found in a facial suppliers cover anything from reason so that you can measurements so that you can fee. Pick out reported by a person’s want. You can get the examples below collection of Makeup products Brushes:
* Power Brushes- Luxuriously fashioned oversize brushes so that you can debris loosely and also sent powder snow round the facial area.
* Blush Brushes- All these brushes supplies customer great regulate.
* Sponge Brushes- Cloth or sponge of your sweep will help around working of your beauty products actually.
* Eye Brushes- a person’s view will be attractive plus naturally essential to you actually. You can get various observation brushes for instance Observation Darkness Brushes, Observation Ship Brushes, Eyebrow Brushes, etcetera to prevent doing all of your view making.
* Lip Brushes- All these brushes supplies a person’s lip area true working with colouring plus beauty products.
There are plenty of extra brushes are around for executing makeup products plus makeup products with several style. Establish a person’s condition plus became these folks. Unquestionably, all these can certainly make you actually prettier.

Ways to get compose Brushes??

Whenever you establish a person’s want, stop at fine save plus make your mind up if to order around places and also when each. Frequently, suppliers sell off around either tactics each and placed. Compare and contrast the costs plus its totally obvious you have a preference for shopping for coupled with salvaging. Get all these reported by your financial budget. Choose the save this stocks either beauty products and brushes. You must carefully consider excellent makeup products brushes. Even if all these are sometimes a tiny bit highly-priced nonetheless opt to bring bang for your buck. Excellent brushes provide you with more significant regulate, fine final result and perhaps lasts extensive.
Deal with a person’s brushes
Whenever you became a brushes within your want plus preference, you require to deal with all these. Find out how to try this??
* Always save a person’s brushes around nylon uppers sweep travelling bag.
* Don�t strike against your brushes. So that you can cut down several of the powder snow and also beauty products considering the slowly beveled these folks.
* Clean a brushes consistently.
* After cleaning up, dry up these folks of course. Never apply wild hair blow dryer etcetera, often bristle is going to soften.

Ways to cleanse makeup products brushes?

To clean up a person’s makeup products brushes, i highly recommend you observe a followings cleaning up procedures.
* Run water covering the bristles of your sweep. Make the extra effort this platform of your sweep don’t end up being rainy, particularly incorporates real wood.
* Do continue on rinsing right until them develop into very clear plus cleanse.
* Squeeze the waters nonetheless pretty slowly.
* Reshape them naturally.
* Allow them dry up around surroundings to get twenty four hours an hour.