Sawdust Or Stardust

Those of you who have just finished a home remodeling and after such a big sacrifice and hardship, now must think of the next step. It is is the moment to make the new areas shine, sit back, relax and enjoy the new spaces with new comfortable furniture. Even if you have not done any remodeling, Spring is still the perfect time to refresh the look of any interior spaces and to buy furniture.

The annual world market furniture show, April 2-7, 2011, at High Point in North Carolina has already happened. It is the world runway for home fashions, it happens one month after the New York’s Fashion Week and one week before the Salone of Milano. The High Point show is overwhelming and super stuffed with beautiful furniture, enormous choices and all ranges of prices, but all of that reaches stores at some point during the year, so we can all enjoy the new style and finally make a purchase.

Before rushing to furniture stores with a renewed excitement (remember when was last time you bought furniture?) is important to know the shifts that have occurred in the market with supply and demand, the shift in consumer thinking and about imported or locally produced furniture. This is basically what you need to keep in mind. Decide how much you want to spend and the quality you want in your home, then look at the product you are buying.

The most common furniture are made of melamine material, veneer, laminate, solid wood and a lot more. I will just talk about a few.

The majority of furniture is made of sawdust pushed together with various resins with the exterior surface made of plastic derivatives printed and colored as wood. When the resins are not treated at a high temperature (this is an information never disclosed to consumers) they emanate a formaldehyde gas which is carcinogenic and irritating for the lungs. The odor is not pleasant and emission can last many years. To reduce the emission, these kind of furniture are covered with the an exterior layer of melamine.

Furniture with veneer and honeycomb: the exterior face has a layer of about one millimeter thick of real wood, the interior is made with a honeycomb structure which doesn’t allow doors and drawers to bow with time.

Furniture with veneer exterior are good lasting furniture, priced affordably.

Real wood furniture are the stars of any interiors, they have all the characteristics of elegance, beauty, style, durability, but they are pricy. Real wood furniture fall in the category of luxury, knowing the right ebonist (artistic furniture maker) real wood furniture can be produced locally at a better price than the market.

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