Why Copycatting Should Be Legal

The dating scene was always a hot market, but there used to be a time where copycat pickup artists roamed the land –

One specific story of a pickup artist codenamed “Styles” comes to mind – he was very popular on the scene and taught some of his tricks to the wannabe crowd in seminars.

So one day the original Styles was walking down the LA strip when he sees a whole bunch of copycat Styles walking around, dressed like him, with shaved heads like him, talking like him, using his opening lines…

Question – do you think it worked for them?

Of course not – they just looked like pathetic moron copies of the original right?

So why not make it legal I say – the only one looking like an idiot is the copycat himself.

Look at ads for example – how many times do you see the same headlines and same ideas in ads?

Did you ever think who’s really paying the price?

That’s right – the dummies that are publishing these lame ads.

I mean what are they thinking? How can they stand out of the crowd if they’re doing what everyone else is?

And it doesn’t really matter if the original promotion was successful or not – the copycat ad won’t work nearly as good (if at all) as the original ad, and here’s why –

Listen. Every great ad was written at a certain time for a certain audience.

As Eugene Schwartz wrote in his legendary book, Breakthrough Advertising, the level of sophistication and awareness of the audience must be taken into account when coming up with the unique selling message and approach.

What that basically means is the audience was at a certain point of knowledge in your niche and their belief system was altered in a certain way due to other promotions they were exposed to.

So even the same ad for the same audience wouldn’t work quite as well (if at all) at a different point in time, you see?

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