Replacing Travel Documents

The average period within which a passport replacement can be achieved is eight weeks. There are many things that might necessitate the replacement of a passport. One of them may be due to theft, ordinary loss or server anomalies in the document. Anyone traveling must be in possession of a valid travelling document. It is against the law to travel without one. The urgency of the replacement depends on how immediate your traveling plans are.

Use The Internet

Supposing that yours is an urgent need, the most convenient way to get your passport is via the Internet. You may carry out a site-to-site research in order to come up with a more reliable site where this can be done. It will of course cost you an extra fee but it will be worth it since the entire process and delivery can be completed within 24 hours if done by an experienced company.

The Government Connection

The good thing about companies that provide this service is that they work in conjunction with government and immigration authorities meaning that they have an upper hand when it comes to facilitating speed of approval and delivery. If this was done by an individual, it will take a longer period of time because the private person must go through the normal channels.

Your Responsibility

Working with an independent application company does not save one from escaping required procedures of the application. You will still have to give it the systematic approach according to the rules and regulations. The correct application standards must be met to get consent for your new travel document. The forms can be obtained from the government website or from the company that is aiding you in the process.

Passport Photos

Replacement, just like obtaining a new document, requires photos taken in accordance with the correct measurements. For example, they have to appear in full color and must measure 2×2 inches. These requirements must be met or the document will be rejected.


Once all the above requirements have been put in place, it will be important to now prepare for sending the documents. Put all the application forms and the required support identification documents together and send them to the company via a mailing service provider. The courier agency you choose must allow for tracking of the documents.

Return Old Passport

To accompany the replacement package, include your original old passport. This old passport will be cancelled by the government but will be returned to you to be kept with your important records. Although it will be returned to you, you cannot use it because it will be invalid.

If you find the passport you previously reported as lost or stolen, you must immediately take it to the government agency so they render it invalid. This is an important step, as cancellation will prevent someone from using your old passport for unlawful purposes. Passport replacement is a fairly easy process as long as it has been reported properly and the application has gone smoothly. Passports are important documents and you should never be found without one.


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