Casio Men’s Ana-Digi Electro-Luminescent Sport Watch AQ160W-1BV Review

Casio Men’s Ana-Digi Electro-Luminescent Sport Watch AQ160W-1BV is perfect for a traveler like me. I often get irritated with my old watches whenever I go out of the country. As you can see, my work requires me to go to different countries to check materials for construction. Because of this, I end up adjusting my watches manually when I get to the country and readjust it when I get home. It’s a burden. It really is.

My problems were over when I heard about this watch. It was a recommendation of a colleague who joined me in one of my trips to Asia . He had the same watch and told me that he didn’t have any trouble with it. He said that all he has to do is set the watch according to a country’s timezone. I was truly amazed by what I heard and decided to order one through the net on the last day of that trip. It arrived about three days after I arrived. The watch was amazing. It had both an analog and digital system of telling time. It didn’t only show accurate time but also had a calendar feature built in, which could be set depending where you are.

The fact that it was totally built for traveling individuals such as myself made it the perfect watch for me. I was proud of this purchase that I wore it everywhere-in this case, in every country I went to. I only discovered later that it had an alarm that was useful to me. If I were to rate this watch from a scale of 1-10, I’d gladly give it a 10. In fact, I would recommend this Casio Men’s Ana-Digi Electro-Luminescent Sport Watch AQ160W-1BV not only to travelers but also to anyone who desires to have a reliable watch.


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