A Comprehensive Review of Filling Medical School Applications

A medical school is an institution that teaches medicine and trains its students into becoming successful medical practitioners. Different medical institutes across the world provides quality education in the theoretical as well as practical aspect of the medical training. Some of the most renowned institutions include the Cincinnati Medical School, Caribbean Medical School, Arizona medical schools, and Mayo Medical School. The entry criteria in all of these medical schools vary considerably, ranging from the eligibility criteria including grades obtained and co-curricular activities undertaken. But with a properly filled out medical school application a medical student can seek admission in various medical schools in Canada and the United States of America.

There are a number of medical school applications through which medical aspirants can seek admissions in different medical schools across the globe. Some of the commonly used application forms that are most sought after for gaining admission in a medical college have been listed below:

* AMCAS – American Medical College Application Service

* AACOMAS – American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service

* TMDSAS – Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service

* OMSAS – The Ontario Medical Schools Application Service

Through the American Medical College Application Service, prospective medical aspirants can seek admissions in different medical schools in Canada and the U.S. The AMCAS is a service regulated by the American Medical Colleges Association. AMCAS acts as a common application among the various medical schools.


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