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The blogs, the websites that offer support for people’s thoughts, have increased significantly recently. There can now be found on the internet millions of blogs covering almost all the possible niches that one can think about. There are fashion blogs, radio and television blogs, science blogs, travel blogs, blogs that are concerned with giving the proper care to animals, politics blogs and so on.

Because of the great number and variety of these blogs, both the experts in IT and the owners of the blogs have felt the need to group the blogs according to their subject of discussions, making them more easily to reach by the persons interested in the topic they were dealing with. This need was soon fulfilled by the appearance on the internet of the blog directories.

The blog directory is a website which provides a list of blogs which have submitted to that site. There are mainly used in advertising the blog, by posting a link or an address where people can read articles about the topic they are interested in.

Three types of blog directories can be individuated over the internet. The directories that belong to the first group are the ones that charge a fee for every blog that is submitted. The fee can vary from a blog directory to another. The second type is that which has a mixed policy, offering both free promotion of certain blogs, but also charging money for other blogs or types of blogs. There are also Directories where the blog submission is free, so that no extra money would be spent on promotion.

As it can be seen, there are useful both for the blog owners who can better promote their site, but also for the blog readers who can find more easily the blogs which tackle the subjects they are interested in.

Over the recent years, a lot of people have grown fond of blogs and have started blogging themselves. And yet, there are still quite a number of people who ask the question, “What is blogging?”

I know the word blogging itself can sound a little odd, especially if this is your first time hearing it. You might even be confused as to why people seem so crazy about blogging. I mean, what is blogging anyway?

Is it something everyone can do? Or is it something reserved only for the intellectuals and the computer geeks? Is it something that involves math? Or maybe even science?

What is blogging?

To begin with, blogging comes from the word blog. Blog, in turn, comes from the word Web log. Are you catching on now? Good.

But in layman’s terms, a blog is an online journal. It is somewhat like a Web site except that it is more easily updated and contains an archive of entries written by the blogger.

What does blogging do?

Different bloggers have different purposes. Some blog to express their innermost thoughts. They treat their blogs like diaries.

Others blog to share their knowledge about a certain subject. For example, a travel blog will contain the blogger’s adventures in different places or the places he or she wishes to feature.

Some people blog as a way to earn extra income. Advertisers pay for blogs which have a lot of visitors.

Who is allowed to blog?

Anyone can blog. As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, blogging is possible. Don’t be intimidated by professionals and self-proclaimed experts. Instead, try to interact with them using your own blog as a gate pass.



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