How to Create Your First Blog – WordPress Or Blogger?

Creating your first blog!

First what does blog stand for? Blog means web-log: blog. So your hearing how exciting it is and important to have a blog? Well I was in your same shoes not to long ago and have become a true believer of blogging.

So, Why did I not get into blogging a long time ago? Well honestly I just didn’t see the importance to do it for myself. While I constantly blogged for the companies I worked for, just never did my own. So I am here to let you on in a few insider tips and tricks to creating a successful blog, the corporate way and the professional way.

This tutorial will give you all the basics to creating a blog and some advanced techniques.

Chapter 1: Blog Introduction
Chapter 2: Setting up your Blog
Chapter 3: Customizing your Blog
Chapter 4: Blog SEO
Chapter 5: Before you publish
Chapter 6: Spread the word
Chapter 7: Navigating the blog Chapter 8: Conclusion

Chapter 1: Blog Introduction

1.1 – Find out what blog is best for you! There are many different types of blogs. I would recommend whichever you feel comfortable with and even try both of them, if one does not work as well for you, drop it and stick with the one that you are comfortable with.

1.2 – A great blog has a nice but clean and easy to read design. What is a blog for? a blog is for a user to post topics that he feels led to share. What if your readers have a heard time reading the post, this is why a nice easy clean design is a must for a new blog.

1.3 – Have an idea of what the blog is about. Are you going to be doing “how-to” for people or is your blog just something to post ideas you have? Maybe your blog is a place for you to post information about whats going on in your family so that your entire family can view and make posts.

1.4 – Find a good theme that fits you and what you are trying to accomplish. There are flash themes which require a little bit of flash knowledge and then some themes that you should be able to just “plug and play”. That means, your theme will give you the look and feel you want and that’s all you have to do. I am a strong believer in creating a customized them

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