Vintage Auto History – Why Was the Classic British Luxury Jaguar Plant Located in Coventry?

Jaguar Motors Ltd the British luxury auto maker arose from humble beginnings of high end aluminum motorcycle side car carriages. Though advanced for its day – for motorcycles few would have ever guessed that this small oversize garage size enterprise would have grown into such a world class maker of luxury automobiles

Yet it was these simple sidecars that provided the funding, cash flow and profit to allow the budding firm to move from its smaller original premises to a larger building and more advanced facility. Thus the then Swallow Sidecar Company could undertake the next step in its growth and evolution that being the important crossover to the production from simple side cars to coach building. Swallow Sidecar evolved and expanded in name as well to the new Swallow Sidecar and Coachbuilding Company as well. The Jaguar name change came later after the post war period for marketing reasons especially in light of the American export market. It seemed that upper management deemed that in the US the logo S.S. (Swallow Sidecar abbreviation) might not be the most marketing brand with which to grow sales in the vital post war US luxury auto market.

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