British Columbia Real Estate Report

The large and spirited nation of Canada is host to many varied provinces. In the western coastal area is the vibrant province of British Columbia. The name means splendour undiminished, and it is plain why it is called this. The region has a beautiful aspect which is globally recognised. Wonderful mountains, coastline and an abundant cultural heritage make it a desirable place to live. This is certainly so in the case of the city of Vancouver for instance, which has experienced a renewed interest in the variety of British Columbia real estate of late.

The British Columbia real estate market though only recently emerging from a bit of a down period has rarely been totally flat. Indeed, it has usually bucked the trend despite the poor economy of the country overall in recent times. On the contrary it is currently doing very well and consumer confidence is on the rise. This augers well for residential sales this year.

This upsurge in buyer assurance, greater demand and a below usual mortgage interest rate, has presented a buoyant scene for buyers. In fact, the word is out that real estate developers are discovering that younger people as well as retirees are being pulled in right now. Vancouver in particular has been a great attraction, and investors in real estate are joining home buyers in the hunt for their dream investment or home. There certainly is no lack of opportunities currently!

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