Tips To Follow When Charged With A Criminal Case

When charged with an offense which is criminal in nature, you need to be vigilant and follow certain precautions to avoid getting into further trouble. Here are a few do’s and don’ts.

Legal authorities have the right to stop and pull you over if they feel that everything is not right. You need to be cooperative and polite when answering their questions. After all you need to realize that they are only doing their duty. Never be disrespectful and ensure you only provide basic information when asked. You can tell them your name, address and phone number but nothing more is required at this stage.

It is ideal to keep silent if your attorney is not present, especially to legal authorities. You can choose to remain silent and be respectful when declining to answer. You can tell them that you would like to keep silent till the time you have spoken to your lawyer. This is because you risk blaspheming even though you may feel that you are using statements to help you. These exacts words can be played with and used against you in court.

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