Things to Know for Asthma Sufferers While They Work Out

It’s possible for asthma sufferers to be able to carry out an exercise program. But just what will people with asthma have to be watchful of when exercising? The answer is: if you exhibit caution you can and should carry out nearly any exercise program. With appropriate treatment, almost everyone with asthma can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise.

Asthma is the chronic inflammation of the air passages that lead to the lungs. Its characteristics are sudden attacks followed by periods of moderate or no symptoms at all. This inflammation will be triggered by external factors, and when a person with asthma becomes exposed to one of these triggers, the breathing passages become inflamed and the symptoms begin.

With exercise induced asthma, symptoms usually appear six to ten minutes after exercise begins, and is often worse in cold, dry conditions. If you have been up the previous night with asthma symptoms, it is best to go easier with your exercise routine the next day. Your doctor should be able to guide you best through your treatment of the condition, but it is imperative that you be proactive and understand the circumstances. You are the first line of defense against an asthma attack, so take your medication and know what you are going to do when you feel symptoms coming on.

Some facts to know when it comes specifically to exercise induced asthma:

1. When exercising, attempt to breathe through the nose. When you breathe through your mouth, air comes into your lungs that are colder and drier. An asthma attack can be triggered when this colder, drier air collides with the warm, moist air in the lungs. Breathing through the nose as much as possible will warm the air and cleanse it prior to hitting your lungs.

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