Tips To Stop Wheezing

Do you suffer from a respiratory condition that causes wheezing such as asthma or bronchitis? Here are some useful tips to stop wheezing using purely natural methods.Wheezing is a common symptom of the narrowing of the airways and is associated with many respiratory conditions, the most common of all being asthma. Another symptom that goes hand in hand with wheezing is bronchial breathing which can me mistaken as wheezing. This is a harsh sound as opposed to wheezing which is more raspy in nature. Bronchial breathing is associated turbulence in the airways.

Here is a list of some common natural remedies to stop wheezing.

1. Steam inhalation – This method of clearing the sinus passages is often used when someone is suffering from a respiratory infection. The inhalation of steam can aid in unblocking the nasal package as well as reducing the amount of mucus build up in the bronchioles. This can help stop you from wheezing.

2. Salt pipes – Salt pipes originated from the use of salt caves in Poland. The salt content in the air that you breathe in helps to reduce the thickness of mucus. In asthma sufferers this can aid in reducing wheezing. Salt inhalation can also help if you are suffering from bronchitis. By reducing the thickness of the mucus, it becomes easier to cough up and expel.

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