The Holistic Method Of Salt Therapy For Asthma

Often when people hear the word “salt”, images of high blood pressure and heart disease come to mind but really, good health is dependent upon the proper balance of natural salts. Therefore, adopting the natural holistic method of salt therapy is essential to maintaining a resistance to free radicals and toxins within the body.

Iodized table salt from the grocery store not taken in moderation can have detrimental effects on the body. It thickens the blood which in turn makes the heart pump harder to push the blood through the arteries and capillaries. This is one of the root causes of heart disease. However, natural crystalline sea salt has many powerful antioxidants and can stave off the effects and help to normalize blood pressure, whether it is high or low. A good salt therapy is also used as an alternative asthma therapy due to the fact that sea salt is a natural antihistamine.

Placing natural salt on the tongue and consuming a few glasses of water helps to reduce the effects of asthma and provides relief from dry hacking coughs. Typically, hacking coughs come as the result of phlegm in the throat and the thicker it is, the longer the cough will last; the salt thins the mucous and stops the cough. There are so many advantages to adopting a good salt therapy regimen. Because our bodies are made up of mostly salt and water, replenishing them often will help reduce the effects of osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s Disease in addition to being a good alternative asthma therapy.

There are so many wonderful advantages to adopting the holistic approach of salt therapy. Taken in moderation, it is very good for you and can help reduce the effects of high blood pressure and heart disease. Doctors with good holistic therapy acumen also tout the benefits of salt in regulating emotional disorders such as depression. It is important to note, though, that those with existing kidney and heart conditions should speak with their doctors before adopting any type of holistic approach. While these methods can be very advantageous, they can also be detrimental to those with medically treated conditions so it would be very astute of the patient to notify their doctor when considering this approach.

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