Shopping And The World Wide Web

It is true! More and more people are shopping on line and are accepting this as the norm. Can you imagine…a few years ago being told that we would soon be doing most of our shopping online? But the future i now and that’s just what has happened. Let’s have a look at what we’re finding and why.

It is being predicted that in the U.S.A. alone, online shoppers will double to 132 million in the next five years. Additionally, 19% of the internet shoppers shop online at least once per week with this number expected to continue in growth.

Some of the stats available are that

– 63% of the online shoppers are women
– It is expected that women surfers will outnumber the men surfers 3 to 2
– Those with children are more likely to shop online
– Google made 23 billion dollars last year, due in large part to people surfing to find good deals
– There has been 360 Billion spent on advertising online even though only 10% of the people purchase online right now
– Businesses are rapidly getting an online presence because they know that online sales are increasing by 14% per year
– It is estimated that 50% of people will go online to purchase their items
– About 26% of online shoppers reported buying music online, up from 22% in 2007. It is felt this number reflects younger shoppers. Itunes and other mp3 formats, for example, account for a large part of music industry and it is growing.
– Younger people are more likely to shop and feel comfortable on line as they grew up with the internet.
– More mature people are discovering the internet every day to be a useful shopping tool
– The percentage of people between the ages of 16 and 34 who shop online jumped from 39% to 51%.

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