Indoor Asthma Irritants – 5 Indoor Pollutants To Eliminate

Managing asthma effectively means reducing the triggers that cause flare ups. You can raise air quality and your quality of life by reducing these top 5 irritants in your indoor air.

Dust Mites – The presence of these little bugs can lead to the onset of asthma as well as exacerbate an existing condition. No one escapes these little bugs in their home regardless of how good a housekeeper you are.

They thrive in warm, moist, and dark places which makes the bedroom ideal, and more specifically every bed in your home, a perfect target.

Dust – This collection of particles is distinct to each home but generally includes dirt, minute pieces of paper from mail, magazines and other paper products, outdoor particles that get blown in such as pollen and mold and mildew spores, pet dander, and on it goes.

Airborne Chemicals – Unfortunately, these are becoming more prevalent in the products we use for everyday living. Scents from cleaning and personal products, formaldehyde used in building materials, chemicals that off gas from pressed wood furniture, and those used to fire-proof draperies and clothing can really pollute indoor air.

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