Drawing Inspiration and Motivation From Some of the World’s Most Famous People With ADHD

Have you just discovered your child has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Are you really concerned that their condition will prevent them from ever achieving much in life? Well, hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you will have a completely different outlook.

ADHD is officially considered to be a psychological/mental health disorder, and while this might be true in terms of medical literature, it’s not actually a very accurate description. If you tell someone your son or daughter is mentally ill, they always tend to imagine a worst case scenario. When you consider the fact that most ADHD kids are virtually no different to their peers, apart from sometimes having learning difficulties, and apart from the fact that they tend to have an endless supply of energy, it just seems wrong to label them as being mentally ill.

This type of labeling can cause endless problems, and in itself can cause a child to fail in life. Rather than treating your ADHD child as a child with special needs, parents should view their ADHD children as being very gifted. The secret lies in finding a way to tap into an ADHD child’s capabilities. Not all ADHD children are gifted, but many are, as can be seen if we flip through some history pages.

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