Asthma and Exercise – The Health Benefits

An asthmatic person has difficulty in breathing. He may feel choked or suffocated during an attack. Consequently, he may be unable to perform regular activities and his work may suffer along with his health. Hence, the primary motive of treatment is to make such a person feel comfortable and to help them to lead a normal life.

Asthma and exercise are, therefore, a very progressive combination. Along with medical aid, physical fitness helps in building stamina and strength. The body is made stronger and fitness is improved.

The general perception is that an individual who has such an inflammatory disease must not indulge in exercising, as it may worsen their condition. However, this is not true.With proper guidance, the health benefits are endless. Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle is not advisable for any individual. Especially in the case of asthmatic people, the condition becomes more severe with weight gain. Hence, a proper BMI is important.

A person can control and balance asthma and exercise, by being aware and keeping few aspects in mind. First and foremost, the patient should consult his physician and try to comprehend his symptoms. One needs to understand the limits to which one can exert the body, in accordance with the disease.

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