A Famous Sample Eulogy Delivered by Oprah Winfrey For Rosa Parks

The eulogy speech delivered by Oprah Winfrey was exactly how I’d want to thank a person for being the biggest inspiration in my life. In this famous sample eulogy, not only did she give a lot of good points about Rosa Parks, but she also related how she (RP) became her personal hero. Oprah actually told a story of how she grew up knowing RP to be a “big” woman literally. But when she finally met Parks, she was delighted to know that she’s a petite colored woman who loves to serve the people around her.

Oprah, in her famous sample eulogy, included famous lines and a famous anecdote about Rosa Parks and it was about the day she took that seat on the bus, and refused to give up that seat. Oprah marvelled at how Parks was able to confront the white man, the law, and even confront history. Because of Parks’ courage, Oprah remained thankful up to this day because she believes she owed her status now to her.

At the end of the speech, Oprah goes to paying tribute to RP by saying that she reclaimed her humanity and gave other a piece of their own. Oprah also went on thanking her for acting without thinking about herself, but thinking of other first before herself. This sample eulogy speech ended with Oprah offering her celebratory gratitude for her will, strength, conviction, and courage. A line which Oprah put at the end paragraph goes, “I owe you to succeed. I will not be moved.” This line clearly shows a pledge to follow in RP’s footsteps, if not to succeed and not to have let RP die in vain.

Margaret Marquisi is a retired writer and full time grandmother.

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