A Brief History of Famous Cats

Chances are, at some point you have walked into a store, or other business establishment to be greeted by a locally famous cats. These elite, and yet unique mascots usually come with stories of being rescued from an animal shelter. Other owners will relate stories about how their famous cats simply decided to take up residence with them. Irregardless of how a cat comes to be a part of someone’s life, they often remind us of some of the most famous cats in history.

Recently, Oscar, the nursing home cat grabbed world headlines. This incredible cat not only knows when residents in the nursing home will pass on, he keeps vigil. While there are many stories about service dogs that make headlines on a daily basis, a famous cats with a job in the medical profession is often considered a rarity.

Oscar is yet another reminder of how these elegant animals seek to provide emotional support and friendship to humans. Frequently, family members have a difficult time coping with emotional impact of seeing a loved one experiencing the types of decline associated with old age. At the same time, a representative of one of the most “aloof” species of domesticated animals does not hesitate to keep people in nursing homes company during their final hours.

Few discussions of famous cats would be complete without mentioning Garfield. As infamous cartoon cats go, one must wonder how Garfield chooses between eating and sleeping. And of course, many love reading about the thoughts that go through his mind as he observes others doing things in non-cat optimized ways.

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