Credibility One Of The Most Over Looked Items In Real Estate

First of all, whether you like it or not, people make valuable judgments about you before you open your mouth. think about it. What preconceptions do you have of a Bag Lady versus a movie star? You get a picture, but the truth is, you really don’t know anything about them. You’d better provide a professional, well-groomed photo and make sure your employees comply as well.

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This professional image extends to the meeting place of your choice, your marketing elements, and your presentation.

This is if you want to borrow money, buy your home, or sell a home to them.

The first verbal message should be to establish a good relationship with the guests. I share that I have lived in the area for 10 years and have children in school. I establish credibility as a member of the community. We’re in this together. If I lose, I lose, and I never lose because I have so much at stake.

The presentation itself sends a clear and consistent message, such as “loan me the money and I’ll pay you high interest”. This. Although I have other aspects of my job and other interests, I never give up my message.

Send a simple message in an easy-to-understand manner, to convey credibility because there is no “fine print”. Let them know that this is a simple program. These are the simple ways. Is that how it works. interval.

Current work conveys credibility. I always mention one of my most recent offers, which is generally that I bought and / or sold a property yesterday or in the last few days.

In my presentation, I acknowledge their concerns and speak openly about their concerns when I show the slide that says, “What would happen to my investment if Alan died?” Usually they laugh because they think about it but don’t want to say it. I inform you that the company is structured to sell real estate and its principle and benefits will be paid as agreed. Talk about credibility. Did I skip every T and dot all I with this presentation?

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