social transparency

It seems that users of these platforms have become so comfortable with this “social transparency” that they almost become oblivious to it, and it is not just the celebs who are making these social blunders. Vents or rants that would have been saved for the showers, the bar, and for close family & friends, are being openly broadcast to “friends” on these social media platforms without any thought of the consequences. Conversations between people can be followed at will. You do not even have to “spy” or “hunt” for the info, it is just lying out there in the open. There are numerous accounts of people losing their jobs over tweets, relationships ended / exposed and other worse consequences of thoughtless status updates, tweets, posts, etc.
So does this mean that this information is now less “valuable” or less “private” than it used to be?

Or it is no longer important?

Ultimately, our social connections to each other are surely still of massive importance, the info we exchange from one person to another. That is what makes us human, but then why is so much of it now being openly left out there for “all” to see?

We all know the world we live in is shrinking at a rapid rate, but are our “Social Profiles” just characters that get played out daily on these platforms?

Or is it really you?

Or just a piece of you?

By being on these social platforms, we “try” to project a persona without even knowing it, we upload a profile picture that shows our “good side”, we try to come up with witty sayings, we borrow quotes from “learned” people to make us look intellectual. However, by the very nature of these social platforms, if we are not being “genuine” we will most likely be caught out over time. If not by our own actions but by the actions of one of our “friends”. I have heard, that at some of the college / high school parties, cellphones are banned in case someone snaps a “compromising” picture of you and posts it to Facebook or Twitter. They also have “dark rooms” for drinking “shots” so that no one can snap a picture of you drinking when you should not be drinking.

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